From Java 9, Oracle will release a new version of Java every 6 months, starting with Java 10, which is to be released on march 20, 2018. This blog highlights the major language and API changes in Java 10. Local variable type inference For local variables, specifying the type is […]

Java 10 in 5 minutes

Courier carrier Uber software web application
In the summer of 2015 I started building a web application for a friend who owns a small courier company, named Smart Express. Smart Express picks up packages at a specified locations and delivers them to other locations. Additional services and options aside, prices are based on distance, weight and […]

Smart Express, a hobby project

Workshop Kotlin Reactive Programming
Op 8 december organiseert Craftsmen samen met Thales een meetup over Kotlin en Reactive Programming (RxJS). Thales Nederland is gespecialiseerd in het ontwerpen en produceren van hightech elektronica voor defensie- en beveiligingstoepassingen, zoals radar- en communicatiesystemen. Ultramoderne maatwerkapplicaties ontwikkeld met diverse open source-technologieën. Tijdens deze meetup bieden we twee workshops tegelijkertijd aan. […]

Meetup & workshop @ Thales

Coming Wednesday till Friday you can find all our Craftsmen co-workers / Software Engineers at Devoxx. Hopefully we have the opportunity to meet you in Antwerp! Please note that our co-worker Michel Schudel is presenting two talks: Subject: No-frills REST API testing with REST Assured Theme: Tools in Action Date: […]

Let’s Meet At Devoxx 2017

Craftsmen doet dit jaar mee aan de Masters of Java 2017 – georganiseerd door de NLJUG. Tijdens deze contest binden Gerard de Leeuw en Dirk Luijk de strijd aan met de beste programmeurs van Nederland. Dat belooft vuurwerk! De wedstrijd bestaat uit verschillende rondes, met telkens een uitdagende programmeeropdracht, die je […]

Knallen op Java Masters 2017 – The Day Before

The Introduction Picture an infrastructure with loosely coupled micro services, in a docker swarm environment. The services have REST end points and we use Spring Boot to realise these services. Looking at the memory usage of these services however, being around 400MB each, they hardly qualify as ‘micro’ services. This led to […]

Memory usage of 6 popular REST server frameworks compared