Kom maar op met die porseleinkast met spaarvarkentjes 1
Vanaf begin 2016 is er binnen de afdeling invordering bij de Belastingdienst gebouwd aan een nieuw inningssysteem, genaamd Innen op Aangifte (IOA). Sinds juli 2016 werk ik vanuit Craftsmen op locatie bij de Belastingdienst en help ik mee aan de bouw van deze nieuwe applicatie. Het doel van IOA is […]

Hallo IOA, het nieuwe inningssysteem van de Belastingdienst

Courier carrier Uber software web application
In the summer of 2015 I started building a web application for a friend who owns a small courier company, named Smart Express. Smart Express picks up packages at a specified locations and delivers them to other locations. Additional services and options aside, prices are based on distance, weight and […]

Smart Express, a hobby project

Tomorrow the yearly Dutch Software Engineering Conference J-Fall opens its doors at 08.00 am (for the early birds ;-)) A great event to get inspired with the latest technologies and to meet/greet Software Engineering professionals, geeks and gurus. Such as our colleague Michel Schudel! Who will present a session on REST: […]

Ready 4 J-Fall? -> Session No-frills REST-api testing with REST-assured

The logo of the Kotlin language
Kotlin is a JVM language developed by the folks at Jetbrains. It is a concise and compact language with 100% Java compatibility and 100% null-safety. Another neat feature is its versatility: you can use the Kotlin language to create Java SE, Java EE, Android and JavaScript (Node.js) applications. This blog will focus […]

Kotlin: create REST services using Jersey and Jackson