Courier carrier Uber software web application
In the summer of 2015 I started building a web application for a friend who owns a small courier company, named Smart Express. Smart Express picks up packages at a specified locations and delivers them to other locations. Additional services and options aside, prices are based on distance, weight and […]

Smart Express, a hobby project

Tomorrow the yearly Dutch Software Engineering Conference J-Fall opens its doors at 08.00 am (for the early birds ;-)) A great event to get inspired with the latest technologies and to meet/greet Software Engineering professionals, geeks and gurus. Such as our colleague Michel Schudel! Who will present a session on REST: […]

Ready 4 J-Fall? -> Session No-frills REST-api testing with REST-assured

The logo of the Kotlin language
Kotlin is a JVM language developed by the folks at Jetbrains. It is a concise and compact language with 100% Java compatibility and 100% null-safety. Another neat feature is its versatility: you can use the Kotlin language to create Java SE, Java EE, Android and JavaScript (Node.js) applications. This blog will focus […]

Kotlin: create REST services using Jersey and Jackson