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Kom maar op met die porseleinkast met spaarvarkentjes 1
Vanaf begin 2016 is er binnen de afdeling invordering bij de Belastingdienst gebouwd aan een nieuw inningssysteem, genaamd Innen op Aangifte (IOA). Sinds juli 2016 werk ik vanuit Craftsmen op locatie bij de Belastingdienst en help ik mee aan de bouw van deze nieuwe applicatie. Het doel van IOA is […]

Hallo IOA, het nieuwe inningssysteem van de Belastingdienst

UX design - drag n drop
Remember using jQuery UI’s Draggable and Droppableplugins, for building drag and drop features in web applications? Awesome, wasn’t it? Now, what if we could implement drag and drop functionality just as easily in Angular projects? Over the last months, I have been improving my drag and drop implementations in Angular several times. During […]

Drag and drop in Angular (new #tutorial series!): introduction

fork angular http
Most AngularJS developers are probably familiar with the concept of HTTP interceptors: a mechanism for modifying request and responses. This feature is commonly used for cross-cutting concerns such as authentication, logging and error handling. When Angular 2 was introduced it became clear there (initially) would be no equivalent for HTTP […]

Fork your HTTP client: supporting non-global HTTP interceptors in Angular