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Performance testing
Sinds januari 2017 werk ik vanuit Craftsmen bij een van de grotere telecombedrijven van Nederland. Mijn team heeft hier onder meer de missie om de nieuwe mobiele app en website sneller en stabieler te maken. Een manier waarop we dit doen is het neerzetten van een volledig nieuwe microservices-omgeving, binnen […]

Traag maar toch snel

Courier carrier Uber software web application
In the summer of 2015 I started building a web application for a friend who owns a small courier company, named Smart Express. Smart Express picks up packages at a specified locations and delivers them to other locations. Additional services and options aside, prices are based on distance, weight and […]

Smart Express, a hobby project

The Introduction Picture an infrastructure with loosely coupled micro services, in a docker swarm environment. The services have REST end points and we use Spring Boot to realise these services. Looking at the memory usage of these services however, being around 400MB each, they hardly qualify as ‘micro’ services. This led to […]

Memory usage of 6 popular REST server frameworks compared