Dirk Luijk

Workshop PWA's bouwen
“An innovative new way to create applications for mobile devices” Apps die naadloos integreren in elk device. Niet te onderscheiden van ‘native apps’. Gebouwd met één technologiestack. Te installeren zónder afhankelijk te zijn van een app store. Klinkt fantastisch? Dat is het! En het is geen toekomstmuziek. Je kunt vandaag […]

Welkom in de wereld van Progressive Web Apps

UX design - drag n drop
Remember using jQuery UI’s Draggable and Droppableplugins, for building drag and drop features in web applications? Awesome, wasn’t it? Now, what if we could implement drag and drop functionality just as easily in Angular projects? Over the last months, I have been improving my drag and drop implementations in Angular several times. During […]

Drag and drop in Angular (new #tutorial series!): introduction

angular-app with trackBy
This blog is part of an Angular instructional / tutorial series, please find the first edition here: Angular structural directives demystified. Optimize your Angular app using trackBy When rendering lists using Angulars ngFor directives, objects are compared by reference. This is fast, but can result in unwanted DOM manipulations. Luckily, you can avoid these using […]

Optimize your Angular app using trackBy #tutorial

This blog is part of an Angular instructional / tutorial series, please find the second edition here: Optimise your Angular app using trackBy. Angular structural directives demystified As Angular developers, we use structural directives like ngIf and ngFor all the time. But how do structural directives actually work? Structural directives are responsible for adding, removing, […]

Angular structural directives demystified #tutorial