Workshop Reactive Programming (ReactiveX)

Reactive Programming (RP) is an awesome programming paradigm that is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Summary: in case RP is not yet part of your skillset, Craftsmen now offer you an opportunity to jump start.

In this workshop we will explain the fundamentals of Reactive Programming and offer exercises to experience the theory using ReactiveX (One of the most popular RP libraries).

The workshop will be presented in English. Examples and exercises will be available for both Java and JavaScript.

Program & background: over the last few years many applications, frameworks and libraries have emerged that have successfully adopted RP to increase performance, stability and maintainability.

A well-known example of a framework that has embraced the RP style is Angular 2. Some frameworks have even adopted it at the core, like Cycle.js.

Over the next few years existing frameworks will be updated with Reactive Programming concepts (like Spring 5) and new frameworks using RP will arise.

As a professional software developer there is thus good chance that you will encounter RP rather sooner than later.

It is a valuable craft to master.

Target audience: professional software developers.


  • Bring your own laptop and make sure that:
  • You have a text editor or IDE installed
  • You have Java 8 and maven installed or:
  • You have installed Node.js (version 6 or higher is required)
  • Make sure the battery of your laptop is fully charged

Please be aware that the workshop will make heavy use of lambda functions and attendees are assumed to be familiar with them. In case you are not, here are two great sources to familiarize with them:

For Java 8:

For JavaScript (ES2015):


  • Understanding the Reactive Programming fundamentals
  • Being able to use RxJava or RxJS in your own projects

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