Gerlo Hesselink

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The problem Spring Boot containers still receiving requests after a shutdown is triggered in Docker Swarm, leading to errors. Background We have a production environment with Docker Swarm, based mainly on Spring Boot microservices. The containers communicate to each other using HTTP (with RestTemplate) through the Docker Swarm overlay network. […]

Docker Swarm, persistent connections and Spring Boot graceful shutdown

Enige waar Gerlo echt nerveus van wordt, als hij ergens in het land op het podium staat, is of er laadpalen in de buurt zijn. Voor zijn 100% elektrische bolide. Die hem trouw naar alle optredens brengt. Oók die waar hij als full-stack developer mag shinen. De overeenkomsten tussen zijn […]


The Introduction Picture an infrastructure with loosely coupled micro services, in a docker swarm environment. The services have REST end points and we use Spring Boot to realise these services. Looking at the memory usage of these services however, being around 400MB each, they hardly qualify as ‘micro’ services. This led to […]

Memory usage of 6 popular REST server frameworks compared

Introduction One of the common patterns used when calling remote functions is the circuit breaker pattern. It is described by Martin Fowler and also in the book ‘Release It’ of Michael Nygard. The cicruit breaker acts like a circuit breaker in real life. You wrap a remote function call in a circuit breaker which […]

Circuit Breaker Implementation in Java EE